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What Are You Reading?

Have you ever 
Felt as if
Were trapped
In a habit of mind
Wondering when
The threshold 
Let go
Thought processes
Of the mind
Is a process
As we know
Takes time
Hard work
A lot of energy
To a new way
Of living
To a new life
Allow words
Allow actions
To flow on by
To pass
Without thinking
Deeper into
Something more
Read not
Into words and actions
Let them be
What they are
In that moment
For me
Live life
More freely
No longer
Do I 
Need to feel
As if 
What is said
A personal attack
On me
Read letters
Read books
Not into things

Published by juliearahm

Hello and welcome, I am so glad we have crossed paths! It’s no accident you are here! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, notice and read. As a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher (and so much more), I see the world through my lens. From the way I was raised, to every experience, moment, and circumstance in life, has shaped the way I think and see the world. For several years now, I have been walking more closely with God, getting to know Him, how He speaks to me and through me. He has given me the ability to write, a way to express how I am feeling and what I am going through. This has been a beautiful, crazy kind of journey where much healing is taking place. A time where I need to offer myself up some grace and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and commitment to creating a better version of myself. I am learning how to work through and release old trauma, dying to my old self and welcoming in the new. Getting to know the new me has been quite foreign, especially when the old wants to cling to what is familiar, old habits and mindsets. This gets to be a real battle mourning over the death of the old, getting acquainted with and acceptance of the new. Writing has been my saving grace (and photography is right up there too). An outlet, a way to release, a way to pause, reflect and see there is more than what my mind is leading me to believe. God’s word, His voice is there. When I keep Him first, above all things, I’ve realized things work out for my greater good, my higher purpose. I hope you enjoy and find words of wisdom you can relate to!

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