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What Are Your Thoughts?

This past week, I have read a few things from fellow bloggers which seemed to have set the tone, reminded me of and got to thinking about my own self. What is it that grabbed my attention? Our thoughts and the power of the human mind. 

I know our mind and the thoughts we create can be powerful, but I never fully understood or realized this until recent years in my life.

For far too long, I was a pessimistic, negative thinking kind of person. Those thoughts still seep in from time to time and I need to remind myself to focus my thoughts more on positive things in life. 

I know God created me for something great in this lifetime. 

I know that I am a blessing in this world. 

I know I am His vessel, His child, born into a royal family.

So much to be grateful for, right? Life is about choosing the right outlook and perspective, regardless of our past, our current circumstances in life. 

I appreciate the reflections and thoughtful insight, which I will be referencing them next.

First, I will start with How to Live Your Dream Life (Power of PIES) I think we all (or most of us can agree), we want to live our best lives, the perfect life we’ve always dreamed of. Question remains…do we actually believe we can achieve that? You hold the key to your own destiny. You have the power within you to make that life happen. We can’t just expect life to change without initiating the process. Active participation is required as there are no “easy buttons” in life, per se.

Towards the end of the reading, the quote, “Be the change you wish to see,” came to mind. I don’t know about you, but I want to make a positive impact on this world. Whether I make a difference in the life of just one person, or lives of many around the world, God is using me as His vessel for a higher purpose, to love and serve Him in purposeful ways. 

 As I scrolled along my list of blogs, I came across one by, To Know Him: Going Deeper With God Ministries, a theme was definitely emerging about my own thoughts, thinking about my own thinking. 

This week, I felt greater pressure and demands put on me (whether by someone or undertaking of my own self). Work was becoming more stressful, higher expectations, definitely a challenging year, season and time to be a teacher. I didn’t have any other logical reason to really be stressed about anything. I was being too critical, hard on myself, expecting more of myself to help my students in need. 

The change within me, I felt it coming. My focus, mindset, emotions, was giving way to negativity. Satan, the enemy, the deceiver, I knew he was playing a role in all of this drama. Happiness surrounded me before. I let my guard down for a moment and he immediately started feeding off my weaknesses. The following quote resonated with me that moment:

“Do not allow what Satan is doing have you to miss out on what God is doing.” 

If we come so blinded by and believe in the negativity, how unworthy we are, we will miss out on the beautiful love God has prepared for us. From His miracles and His blessings, there will be an oversight on our part if we fail to keep our sights on Him. 

We have a choice, to choose good over evil. Put all faith and trust in Him and life will have a more positive outlook. Peace will fill your heart and soul. Your mind will see and believe how beautifully created you are. You are worthy of receiving.

Faith = Gratitude = Peace + Hope out with a quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer. What a surprise…my attention had been drawn once again to thoughts and one’s reality. The quote was this,

“You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, your intentions create your reality.”

What we focus on, we absolutely get more of. I have experienced this in my own life and you probably have too. The plot twist in my own life and thinking came when I went through a mid-life identity crisis in my mid 40’s. 

My reality had become so distorted. Beliefs, perception and reality was actually deception and lies.  I thought I was becoming a healthier person overall, body, mind and spirit. I found out otherwise. The enemy, always on the prowl, came in for the attack. I was blindsided. 

What about Satan’s lies? I believed them. I just did. I was a kid and didn’t know anything different. I didn’t know Satan ruled so strongly over me, telling me bad things, worrying about, being fearful and anxious about everything. 

I knew God, but I didn’t know God. Imagine how different life would be had I known back then what I do know now….

I didn’t know about God’s voice and how He speaks through people. 

From a very early age on. God saw the good in my heart. Everything happened at precisely the right time. He knew just how to reach me. Getting to know Him has taken time. This has always been part of the plan, to lead me back to Him.

God definitely needed to find a way into my heart. He knew how stubborn, strong-will, hard headed I had become. My heart, well, that had become hardened too. 

Every day, we have the power within us to choose. I choose to be a better version of myself. Having faith and trusting in God’s plan, I know my world is becoming a better place. 

Published by juliearahm

Hello and welcome, I am so glad we have crossed paths! It’s no accident you are here! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, notice and read. As a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher (and so much more), I see the world through my lens. From the way I was raised, to every experience, moment, and circumstance in life, has shaped the way I think and see the world. For several years now, I have been walking more closely with God, getting to know Him, how He speaks to me and through me. He has given me the ability to write, a way to express how I am feeling and what I am going through. This has been a beautiful, crazy kind of journey where much healing is taking place. A time where I need to offer myself up some grace and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and commitment to creating a better version of myself. I am learning how to work through and release old trauma, dying to my old self and welcoming in the new. Getting to know the new me has been quite foreign, especially when the old wants to cling to what is familiar, old habits and mindsets. This gets to be a real battle mourning over the death of the old, getting acquainted with and acceptance of the new. Writing has been my saving grace (and photography is right up there too). An outlet, a way to release, a way to pause, reflect and see there is more than what my mind is leading me to believe. God’s word, His voice is there. When I keep Him first, above all things, I’ve realized things work out for my greater good, my higher purpose. I hope you enjoy and find words of wisdom you can relate to!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my article! I love this heart-felt one that you have written. I have found that God always finds a way into our hearts. I am certainly stubborn and strong-willed, yet He knows just the right way to get through. And even after all these years as a Christian, I am still learning how to get closer to Him 🙂

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    1. My pleasure! I’m glad you enjoyed. I needed to find a way to bring together a common theme that He was making quite clear to me. This reminder was much needed due to the way I was feeling last week. Last night, the burden lifted and I felt more at peace going to sleep and upon waking this Monday morning. In my heart, I believe someone (or more than just one), said a prayer for me. Grateful for this blessing, I’ve entered the work week with a more positive attitude. God’s got this!


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