Julie Rahm

A Life Lived

Your hair Turns many shades Your memory Begins to fade Will you Look back and say I wish… I regret… Why didn’t I… It’s too late… (the list can go on…) Will you Be able to accept Your choices Your decisions Embrace The person You are today Knowing You’ve lived life Everything A part of …

Summertime Superstar

Feeling Like a rock star Greeted Swarms of them Here They Come! All wanting To touch All wanting A taste Lack of Personal space From head To toe (Oh, the places they go) A shoo A swat A slap That Takes care of That

Noticing You

When you weren’t looking Lives were changing Given your generous and kind heart Be forever captivating When you weren’t looking Someone caught a glimpse of you smiling They smiled back Their heart aglow The energy so satisfying When you weren’t looking Tomorrow became today, wondering Where had all the yesterday’s gone When you weren’t looking …

From the Heart…

Our lives carry Bittersweet And Tender moments Sometimes We’re out of breath Sometimes It takes our breath away From Our struggles Our trials To Peace And solitude Life Gives us Provides Opportunities and experiences To grow in us The true nature Of God’s will Wisdom We’ve gained It’s no surprise To be humble To be …

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