Julie Rahm

With God I Do Believe

God knows what’s best. Perhaps this is a test, finding out how strong I have become in my faith. Emotions in check. Deep love of Christ. A love, His love and peace I feel inside. He has given me the wisdom and the strength to rise up and find beauty in every circumstance, situation, experience …


In moments of despair and uncertainty I cried out to God.  What is it Lord, I should do? My heart is hurting.  Emotions, larger than life. A pit of pain running deep into the depths of my soul. Help me with acceptance! My circumstances, let me accept them for what they are. This life, I …

Right Here Waiting

Something To say Speak What’s on Your mind Engage In conversation Be A friend Of mine Silence Too Loud Oh The chatter The noise In the head Turn down The volume Console Comfort Notice Hear See Waiting For you Right here I will be

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