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Julie Rahm

It All Started With the Kombucha

This day I arrived with a grateful heart, being thankful for so many things-my family, friends, home, food, job, good health, loving and forgiving God that offers us grace.  One of our local stores was open. I needed to pick up a few things. I asked my spouse if he needed me to get anything …

Be You

It’s nice to know There are those Out there Who remember Still care The days Carry on The hours Do go Going the distance Across the miles Keep glowing Keep growing Keep showing Your light Your smile That spark Inside The world needs Your gifts Your talents Your quirks Your uniqueness Keep living Keep loving …

Be it Your Will

What is it I can do better at next time? What healthy steps do I need to take? What patterns need to change? What lifestyle is best for me? With every crossroads Comes a challenge Forcing me To think To look deep within Discover All the gifts You bestowed upon Me Your light-heartedness Your patience …

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